Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New York City

Wow! a whirlwind of a weekend in the Big Apple for the New York City Marathon.
The day we arrived we dropped off luggage at the apartment
(that is a story in itself)
and then were off to pick up Jim's passes and race ticket.

Once we had the vital documents in hand we could relax for a few minutes.
(None of the above could have happened without the fearless driving
of my wonderful Aunt Ann Marie and sister - THANKS)!!

Then there was the pre-marathon dinner.
(Thanks Bob, Kit and Kathy for a great dinner)!

Dinner was Excellent!

and the dessert was great, too!

Then a little rest and a 5:00 AM wake up call for the runner.

My husband did an amazing job in the Marathon!!!
He ran the Marathon in 4 hours and 1 minute alongside 38,000
other runners.

We ( my parents and sister) stood for three hours at a viewing area around
mile 16 in hopes of seeing my husband and cheering him on, but sadly we did not.
We did manage to cheer for thousands of other runners, though.

Then it truly was a race to the finish line as we tried desperately to get
to the finish line to see our runner avoiding all the barricades and police officers directing us away from our destination.

We missed him there too! !
but once again we loudly cheered for other people's loved ones.

I guess that chip that he had attached to his sneaker
that was communicating with our cell phones ( cool)
was about 20 minutes delayed come to find out.
Luckily my husband said people also cheered for him!!

Thanks Everyone !!!

My husband after the Marathon.

He looks pretty good!

Finish line the next day - memories!

We did have a little while on Monday to walk around the city before our flight back home.
I don’t know about New York being the city where dreams come true but it is definitely the city where good food is everywhere.

Look at all these wonderful desserts!!!

These are all truffles!

If you like cheese you won't be disappointed in NY
we came across several cheese shops.

Well, that was our weekend in New York.

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Chris said...

So very cool! We know someone who ran the marathon! Thats exciting. Congratulations! Congratulations!