Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Explosion in the kitchen

Guess who cooked dinner ?

So the other night I was running a little later than I was planning.
I called my husband and asked if he would put a pan of pre-made
manicotti in the oven. I told him I was planning on making a salad
with dinner. He was being so sweet and put the pan in the oven to
bake and started making a salad. He decided that a boiled egg on the
top of salad would be good so he put two eggs in a glass bowl of water.
He placed the bowl with the water and eggs in the microwave and pressed
cook and this is what he got.


Columbus Foodie said...

LOL, I take it he forgot to puncture the bottom of the eggshell first? I hope you made him clean it up. :)

Kevin said...

The quality of this blog goes way down when your husband gets involved.

Chris said...

Ha! I needed this laugh...