Sunday, January 2, 2011


My parents bought my husband an Ebelskiver Pan (filled-pancake pan)
for his birthday. Jim has enjoyed cooking breakfast on Sunday
morning for both of us so this gift is really a win, win situation.
He gets a cool Ebelskiver pan. He cooks Ebelskivers for breakfast
and I win, win.

The first try making the Ebelskivers did not go perfectly but
Jim was not about to give up. This time we both took on the
Ebelskivers. Jim made the special Ebelskiver batter.
He poured the batter in the pan and I quickly filled
the mini pancakes with Nutella. Then another dab of batter on
top and there you have it ~ a Nutella Ebelskiver.

Check out these little pancakes filled with creamy, hazelnut goodness.

They were delicious!


Kitty said...

Keep practicing! I am hoping for an Ebelskiver breakfast on my Feb weekend visit!!!

Marsha said...

Kitty's coming in February? We'll come for breakfast with her, too!