Friday, June 10, 2011

Summertime Pizza - Goat Cheese and Peaches

I have been trying to cook light because
the weather is sooooo hot right now.
The other night, for dinner, we made
two different thin crust pizzas on the grill .

I made one of the pizzas with
Goat Cheese and Peaches.

Goat Cheese and Peach Pizza

Here is how I made our pizza:
Roll the pizza crust out nice and thin.
Brush olive oil all over the crust.
Cook some bacon or proscuitto in a pan.
Heat some goat cheese in the microwave
for just a few seconds so that it is
soft enough to spread out on the pizza crust.
Slice peaches and place them on the pizza.
Cut the bacon or proscuitto into small pieces
and sprinkle it over the pizza.
Add a pinch of thyme over the peaches and cheese.

Now the pizza is ready for the grill.

Seriously Good!

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