Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some Days are WAY Better Than Others

I am so thankful for good friends!!!
I have not been blogging because
I haven't been cooking.
My husband has been out of town
and my sweet friends have been taking
care of me. Feeding me and putting
up with my craziness!!!!

The following picture will help
with the understanding of part
of my craziness.

Why is there a pot on top of my cabinets
you ask??

Well, because my kitchen ceiling was dripping
the other night and that can only mean one
thing - A LEAK!!!! UGGHHHH!!
So the plumber came out and here is the solution:

This is really no solution!
They are not able to determine where the
water is coming from, so for now, I am
left with these lovely square holes
and a pot on the top of the cabinets.


Chris said...

the hole still there? ah!!!

kitty said...

you know what they say...April showers bring May flowers!!

Good luck with this mess!

RL said...

hey, you didn't do my suggestion and paint flowers out of those squares-flower boxes? are they coming back to make more holes- do they charge based on how many they have to make to find the leak? you would think they have some kind of detector for this kind of thing....