Thursday, December 25, 2008


The Christmas Eve Dinner Tradition in my family
is homemade manicotti from scratch including the shell.
Before the holidays my husband and I had several
practice runs of manicotti, all of which, I think turned out
good but yet I still was not totally satisfied.
As I was preparing the grocery list for the "big" shop
before the holidays I decided on a little twist for the
manicotti that I just knew would make it GREAT!
For the Meat Manicotti I used chicken, feta sausage
and sundried tomatoes as the base instead of the normal
meatball mixture.
For the cheese I used a three cheese mixuture: parmesean,
ricotta and mozarella but the secret ingredient was goat
In my opinion, this batch of manicotti was the best one!
The cheese ones were so creamy and delicious and the
meat was a little spicy and full of great flavors.
Dinner was great but laughing around the table with my family
was even better!!!
Making Manicotti
The Shell - made one at a time.
The mixture is placed toward the end and then you roll.

A full pan - yum!

The table was set awaiting the family's arrival.

My sister came up with a great idea. Instead of using
the regular place holders we put an object near each
seat representing that person. In the photo above
you can see the small pair of binoculars for my husband
who loves birdwatching. I loved it because it added such
a personal touch to the table.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
to you and your family!!

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