Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spritz Cookies - Cookie Press

When you were little do you remember eating cookies
that were these shapes: flowers, tree, stars?
Both my husband and I can recall these cookies.
Our moms made them around the holidays.
I don't remeber them being full of flavor but they
always manage to disappear.
I saw a cookie press at Linens and Things
the other day - on sale- and I had to buy it.
I spent a little time online looking up recipes for cookie
press cookies. Most people use the " Spritz" cookie
recipe. I am open to other recipes but I imagine
that the recipes for this little machine can't be too
complicated because the dough has to be able to press
through the different shapes.

For this first time using the press I made little flowers.
I put a butterscotch or chocolate chip in the center of each cookie.
Ahhh, Just like I remember.