Sunday, June 28, 2009

Indian Food and Friends

Last night my husband and I had a some friends over for dinner.

The menu:

Samosas with Cucumber & Cilantro Dip
Tagine Style Chicken
Peach Cobbler with Maple Cream Sauce
(Recipe from Pioneer Women )

We started preparations early as the Samosas have several steps in the recipe. The recipe we used for the Samosas came from a class we took at the Vicking School of Cooking. There are several Samosas recipes oniline. We filled our Samosas with a mixture made up of potato, peas, serano pepper, onion, and spices like Garam Masala and corriander.

The table was set.

The Samosas:

The Tagine Chicken:

The recipe for the chicken can be found at

Peach Cobbler with Maple Cream Sauce:

All the food turned out excellent!! We enjoyed a great evening sitting around the table with good food, telling stories and laughing.

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Marsha said...

This looks like a wonderful meal, Sharon. I always get jealous when you cook for someone besides me!