Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home-Made Ravioli

My husband and I had a brilliant idea the other day when we sat down
to plan our menu for a dinner party we were hosting.

What do Italians make for company - pasta!
but not just pasta how about home-made Ravioli.

Having never made ravioli from scratch we did a little
research ~ on utube ~ where we could watch others make pasta
with their KitchenAid Pasta Makers before we got elbow deep in flour.
We did learn some valuable techniques by watching a few of the videos.

I will confess that at first we did encounter a few problems.
On our very first try when we put the long noodles into the machine,
filled the top with filling and turned the crank a few times ......
AHHHH we have a disater.
The noodle got caught and wrapped around the back of the machine pulling
both sides through at the same time making a mess of noodle and sausage filling!
After a few deep breathes we were able to give it another try learning as we continued the process.

Here is my photo documentation of the process:

Making Ravioli from scratch is quite a process but the Sausage and Sage Ravioli turn out excellent.
So I guess wether or not you should make home-made ravioli depends on how adventurous you are and if you have the patience for the process. :)


Marsha said...

You guys really are extraordinary!

Anonymous said...

VERY impressive! I wish I was half as patient, adventurous and talented as you and Jim! :)

RLM said...

they look good ! so what kind of sauce did you make with that? special sauce? :) good thing you had a helper...i keep picturing grandma Rose's kitchen and dining and all the spaghetti hanging out after your projects!

Chris Rank said...

Totally impressive. too bad we didn't get to see the final product in the pix!