Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making Pasta

For my birthday my husband gave me several, different pasta attachments to my Kitchen Aid. I have been sad looking at the boxes just sit there because I did not have the time to break them open and start rolling out pasta noodles ~ until this weekend.

We used a basic pasta dough recipe for this first try.

Things went smoothly but we did learn a few things along the way.
After we rolled out the lasagna shaped noodle, the noodle was easier to work
with after brushing it will flour.
It is also easier to manage this process with two people.

The end result was some great pasta!

The dough:

The Noodles:

The Fettucini Noodle

Naked Noodles in a bowl:

"Mangia bene, vivi felice"

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Jim said...

You can't show naked pasta on your blog - this is a PG site!