Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cake Pops

Everybody is doing it - making Cake Pops!
I have seen these little cake bites on so
many different food blogs and knew that it
was time to give them a try.
I started by calling my friend C from Mele Cotte
because I knew she would know how to make these
little bites of goodness.
She was so gracious to spend the day with me
while we made Cake Pops.

We made Dutch Chocolate Cake with chocolate chips.
Then we used the cake to make cake pops.

Cake Pops are GREAT! I was surprised how good they taste!
They are like little bites of heaven! You get a little bit of
cake goodness plus the sugar coating. MMM!

Now, this was my first time so we made pretty basic Cake Pops.
If you do a computer search for "Cake Pops" you will see that you can
make almost any flavor, shape and color.
So, have fun ~ make some Cake Pops and your family and friends will
love them!


Marsha said...

I hope you are right and that there are cake pops in heaven. They were spectacular. I am glad they are gone so I will no longer be tempted to break into your house to consume them.

Chris said...

Wow! So missed this post. Sorry!

It was so much fun cake popping with you! Can't wait for the next time. ;)