Friday, March 4, 2011

Mini Cupcakes Galore

I had some time off recently and
decided to do some experimenting
with different types of cupcakes.

I made mini cupcakes this time
because my goal was to have enough
to bring to work and share
with my colleagues.

My first cupcake was
Strawberry with a Cream Cheese
and Mixed Berry Icing.

The next cupcake was a Samoas Cupcake
which is perfect since it is Girl Scout
cookie time.

The Samoas Cupcake is made with a
chocolate base, caramel buttercream
icing and toasted coconut on top.
I made some with the coconut and
some with out it.

The last cupcake I made was a lemon cupcake
with lemon glaze and lemon frosting.

How cute are these?

1 comment:

Amy M Edwards said...

Your cupcakes look delicious. I just ate a Samoa Girl Scout cookie to experience what your's might have tasted like. I guess that February break from school was good for you!