Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Little Sunshine

I hear the beach calling my name!
This happens from time to time so we are off.

Destination: Amelia Island
Amelia Island is located at the extreme
northeastern corner of Florida,
about 32 miles north of Jacksonville.

Amelia Island is known for its golf courses, nature and beaches.
We read that is it a great place for solitude and relaxing
which is exactly what we are seeking for a few days.

Our agenda includes bird watching, fishing, walking along
the beach, taking afternoon naps and eating good food.

I will return to the normal food postings very soon.


Chris said...

Miss ya! The beach looks wonderful. Wait....did you say bird watching? Does that mean hubby will be posting soon? :)

Chris said...

Oh - and you have an award...check it out -