Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wine and Cheese

Sorry, I haven't blogged lately.
We have been experiencing some
technical difficulties at our house.
Over the weekend we hosted a
Wine and Cheese party for our friends.
Each couple or single brought a bottle of wine
which we slipped into a cover so people could
not see what it was and then throughout
the evening each person tasted each wine.
Then we voted on the one we liked the best ~
and of course the winner received a prize!
I made a few small appetizers:
Goat, Fig and Pear Galette and a Baked Brie.
We also had a variety of unique cheeses,
crackers, fruits and olives.
I wish I had some photos of the spread but
my batteries died right before everyone
was to arrive and I did not have the time
to search the house for new ones ~
maybe next time.
I thought it was a great evening.
The food was very good, the wine
was interesting and the company was


Chris said...

Sounds great! Sorry I missed it.

Erin said...

So, I heard the people that brought the winning bottle of wine are like the coolest people ever! But that is just the word on the street.

Sharona May said...

That is true, they are the coolest people and I still have their gift since they left early. :)

LisaRene said...

My favorite way to spend an evening, good friend, wine and a phenomenal cheese plate. Sounds like you set up a lovely spread of deliciousness. You will have to do an encore and take photos :)