Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Friends, Food and Fun!

I recently posted about the dinner party

we hosted about a week ago.

One of our lovely guests, Chris, is a photographer

~ how wonderful~ for me and the blog.

He took some amazing pictures of the evening!

It was a great night with friends

laughing and eating good food.

All the food was wonderful:

Thanks to everyone for their contributions

to this superb meal!

From the stuffed mushrooms and

the pear and goat cheese for appetizers.

The we moved to dinner:

Glazed Salmon over fennel and oranges,

Orange Rice and Strawberry, Cucumber

Salad with homemade dressing.

Dessert was Classic Crème Caramel with blueberries
which I posted about earlier but I had to add this
great photo of the dessert.

Thanks everyone for such a great night!


Chris said...

Wow! Those are some fabulous pictures to go with a tasty lookin' dinner! Can Chris come and take all the pics for my blog? :)

Chris Rank said...

I'm always available for hire. I just work for wine, food and more wine. oh and martinis. :)

Jim said...

Who's the hottie in the photo!