Monday, July 7, 2008

Nantucket Island

We've been on a few exciting adventures
since my last entry in June.

15 years ago my husband and I were married
and honeymooned in Nantucket.
So, on our way to my brother's wedding in
Connecticut this past weekend we travelled
back to our honeymoon spot.

Here is a little information about the beautiful island of Nantucket.

If it is not on your list
of places you would like to go on vacation
you may want to consider adding because
it is absolutely beautiful.

The name Nantucket is derived from a Native American
word meaning "faraway island" or "land far out to sea.
Nantucket was populated with approximately 1,500
Native Americans of the Wampanoag Tribe when it was
discovered and charted in 1602 by Captain Bartholomew Gosnold.
The history of Nantucket's settlement by the English
begins in 1659, when Thomas Mayhew sold his interests
to the "nine original purchasers": Tristram Coffin, Thomas Macy,
Christopher Hussey, Richard Swayne, Thomas Bernard,
Peter Coffin, Stephen Greenleafe, John Swayne, and
William Pike for, "thirty pounds...and two Beaver hats
one for myself and one for my wife."

During its whaling days, Nantucket was the third largest
city in Massachusetts, with a population of 10,000.
Only Boston and Salem were larger.
At its peak, there were 88 Nantucket whaling ships sailing
around the world. Nantucket Island was considered the
Whaling Capital of the World from 1800 to 1840.

The Great Fire of 1846 destroyed the wharves and much
of the business district. This fire, the dwindling demand for
whale oil, the silting-up of the harbor, and the discovery of gold
in California in 1849, all marked the end of the whaling-era
prosperity and the beginning of an economic depression
that lasted until tourism replaced whaling as Nantucket's economic base.

The Pacific Ocean is dotted with islands that have been
named for Nantucket families who made their fortunes
and brought their money back to Nantucket.

Nantucket has over 82 miles of pristine beaches,
about two miles of which belongs to the town.
The remaining beaches are owned by private non-profit
organizations and landowners, who graciously open them to the public.

Nantucket Island is located 30 miles at sea from
Hyannis on the southern coast of Cape Cod.
The island is 3 1/2 miles north to south and 14 miles east to west.
The population of Nantucket Island is approximately 12,000
year-round and 55,000+ during the summer season.

Here are some of the photos we took in Nantucket.
Hopefully they show the beauty of the island.
Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the food
but we did have wonderful meals.

We ate at De Marco for a fabulous Italian dinner
were I had the dish they are known for :
Boscaiola "Badly Cut" fresh pasta, wild mushrooms,
prosciutto, tomato, sage in a cream sauce which was
absolutely wonderful.

Another great dinner was at Cinco a tapas restaurant
where we had delightful litte plates like:
local squash blossom :chevre & herb stuffing,
caramelized vidalia onions and white truffle honey
pan rosted sea scallops : celeriac puree,
toasted hazelnuts, pepprtcress and apple cider brown butter
Everything at Cinco was wonderful!

Tiger Lillies

Hyannis Ocean Port Dock Area

View from Ferry when leaving Nantucket.


White On Rice Couple said...

What a beautiful Island to be married on and to honeymoon too! 82 miles of pristine beaches sounds like heaven!
thanks for the journey and history of Nantucket.
I just love reading about trips and seeing pictures! Thank you!

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing! How crazy is it that I have never been....and I am from Boston. Silly...really!