Sunday, August 12, 2007

TOO Hot to Eat

The past several days it has been so hot that I have not really been in the mood to eat or cook anything for that matter.

With the temperature at 97 -100 degrees it just doesn't feel right to turn on the oven. Yesterday I decided to go back to a recipe I remember people bringing to "shared supper" at church when I was a kid.

Now, I didn't particulary care for it as a kid but as an adult I do enjoy it!

Nine Layer Salad

You layer each ingredient in a glass salad bowl

Chopped lettuce (any kind)
Ham ( cut in to small pieces)
1 whole, chopped red onion
Cheese ( I used cheddar but you can choose)
Sweet Peas ( cooked and drained)
Tomato ( 3-4 choppped )
Bacon ( 6-8 slices cooked and crumbled)
Egg Whites from boiled eggs, chopped
Sunflower Seeds

Topped with:
Dressing of your choice but normally served with Blue Cheese or Ranch

I forgot the photo while it was in the glass bowl so you can see all the layers but here it is in the salad dish. This salad is so full of flavor and such a great meal on a hot summer day!!

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Chris said...

That looks beautiful! I love peas....not as a kid - but now that I am grown....yum!