Thursday, January 3, 2008

Did you call me a fruit?

At the market today my husband discovered a fruit called "Sharon".
Who knew?

I knew that my name was a flower: The Rose of Sharon .
but I did not know my name was also a fruit.

The Sharon Fruit is a persimmon variety.
It is very popular in Europe, the United States and the Far East.

The entire fruit is edible - soft or firm: It is always ready to be eaten!!
The Sharon fruit has no seeds or pips .
It doesn't have the astringent taste that most persimmons have.
The best is: it can be eaten firm like an apple or soft as a peach,
with or without the skin.

It can be refrigerated for 12 days
or will soften at room temperature within 6 days.
Sharon-fruit is a good source of Vitamin A
which is required for healthy skin, mucus membranes and for night vision.
The fruit have significantly high levels of sodium,
potassium and magnesium, iron, calcium.

Eating one Sharon fruit a day is enough
to help prevent heart attacks and reducing the risk of heart diseases.
An average size fruit is only 70 calories.

Now, that is some fruit: The Sharon!

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Susan from Food Blogga said...

I love persimmons so much! I buy Hachiya and Fuyu but haven't seen Sharons yet. I imagine those are the sweetest tasting ones to your husband. :)