Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tools of the Trade

There are so many great tools available for people who enjoy cooking.
For Christmas this year I received some great everyday tools
that I want to share with you.

First, there is my new chopping block!

They say every good cook needs a chopping block.
There is no better surface for chopping than wood.
If you get a new chopping block you should check out this link
on how to care for it so that it will last a lifetime.

Second, I received some really good knives - Wustof knives.

The following is what makes the Wustof knife so great!

Blade: Precision-forged of high-carbon, stain-resistant steel, skillfully honed by hand, laser-tested, long-lasting razor-sharp edge, easy to resharpen; computer-controlled grinding and polishing yields precise tapering from bolster to tip and back to edge.

Handle: Black completely hygienic, virtually indestructible Hostaform-C plastic,
buffed and polished by hand and secured to tang with distinctive silver-nickel rivets.
Signature bolster/finger guard accounts for the heft, the solid,
balanced feel that makes it a prime choice of many professional chefs.
Blade tang is fully visible throughout the length of the handle, triple-riveted for strength and durability. Dishwasher-safe; hand-washing is recommended

The other great gift I received was an Herb Savor.

It is very easy to use .
The idea behind this Herb Savor is that you place your
herbs in a storage device that allows the herb stems to sit
in water so that your herbs last longer.
So I am trying it out to see
how many weeks my fresh herbs will last
once placed in the Herb Savor.
What are your favorite kitchen tools?

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Jim said...

I might just take-up cooking for the gadgets!