Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pizza Pie

Check out this beautiful Pizza Pie!
My husband decided to give home-made
pizza, crust and all a try.
His toppings: carmelized onions, mushrooms,
garlic, spinach, and goat cheese.
It was a very nice combination!

Now that we have both given
home-made pizza a try,
we have decided that we still
don't have a pizza crust
that we love.
The one I made was thin and a little crunchy
with very little flavor.
His pizza crust was thick - a little
more Chicago style- but a little bland.
I guess we are going to have to keep trying.
Or give in and buy an already made crust.
Anyone have a pizza crust recipe that you love?

1 comment:

Chris said...

I like Trader Joes...ha! I have tried making it bought Publix's brand, but so far nothing is as good as TJs. :) And its only $0.99!