Thursday, July 7, 2011

Favorite Dinner In Italy at Ristorante Bagni Delfino

We ate at so many great restaurants while in Italy
but one of our favorites was Ristorante Bagni Delfino.

On their website they describe their restaurant as
a family owned place that has been offering local
speciality dishes since 1968. Which is over 35 years
of amazing food. The restaurant is located in a very
scenic spot right on the water. The views are so beautiful
and the food is outstanding.

We sat outside as we enjoyed our dinner.
Our appetizers were Fresh Tomato Bruschetta
and Mussels. Both appetizers were excellent.

For dinner we shared
Risotto con gamberetti e rucola
Risotto with prawns and wonderfully peppery rocket leaves
and red wine.

The Risotto dish was out of this world good!

We watched the beautiful sunset while we had our dinner.

What a perfect evening!


Anonymous said...

Sigh.....what a dream trip.

Frankie said...

Didn't mean to make that comment anonymous. :-)