Friday, July 1, 2011

Eating My Way Through Italy

Before we left for Italy I told my husband
that my plan was to eat Pizza and Gelato
every day! I am not sure he believed me
and to be honest with you I wasn't being
serious it just sounded like the right
thing to say since we were going to Italy.

I did not realize how true that statement
would turn out to be. Of the ten days we
spent in Italy I am pretty sure that I had
pizza at least eight times! The pizza was
just so good and it made a
perfect lunch.

Here are some of the yummy
pizzas we ate while we traveled from
Sorrento to Rome.

I believe this was pizza number 1.

This pizza was topped with sausage, ham, artichokes, tomato and rocket. We learned that rocket is a form of arugula. There was no red sauce but somehow the pizza turned out creamy and very good!

This pizza was excellent. The crust was very buttery! The pizza was topped with cheese, rocket and tomato.

Pizza at Il Buffalito
This restaurant is known for their homemade buffalo mozarella.
The cheese was so good it just melted in your mouth.

Pizza after a day on Capri
This time we tried a classic mushroom and olive pizza.

Pizza while at the beach in Sorrento
It is amazing ~ even at the beach the pizza is great!

Pizza at Campo De Fiori Market in Rome
YUM! This pizza was outstanding. Not sure why the boiled egg is a part of the pizza but all the other ingredients were outstanding.

Yup, more pizza
Simple yet very good!

See, I told you, I ate pizza almost every day and I don't regret it!
I enjoyed trying all the different varieties of pizza there are in Italy.
Each pizza had its own unique flavor. I will get to all the other food
we ate very soon!

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Anonymous said...

That is truly the best looking pizza I've ever seen. I am sure if you were eating pizza on the beach then it must not have been the gut bomb of traditional commercial pizza back home. I can't wait to hear more about Italy (beyond the pizza).