Monday, June 11, 2007

Goowey Brownies

If you read my friend Chris' blog - Mele Cotte you know that I am really not a great baker. She has worked hard to encourage me and help me improve in this area and I really appreciate it.

I decided to try my luck with brownies this weekend. Small steps are really the best way to go when I am baking so I started with a Duncan Hines package as the base of the brownie. I followed the directions on the package with a few minor adjustments. I added one extra egg and a cup of chocolate chips. Then I toasted some almonds and added them on top of half the brownies for friends who like nuts on their chocolate brownies.

They were very good.

Crisp on the outside and nice and goowey on the inside.


Marsha said...

It actually doesn't take much to impress me...It would never even occur to me to "mess" with the Duncan Hines' recipe. Way to go, Sharon. When do I get to taste the brownies?

Chris said...

Way to go Sharon!