Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Going Out For Breakfast

My wife and I have perfectly complimentary hobbies and interests. She
enjoys cooking and I like to eat!

Ok so this is a pretty one way
relationship. But breakfast out is something we both enjoy.

Nothing seems to beat a few hours spent in the cool of the day sipping a bottomless cup of
coffee and testing the creativity of someone else's cooking. With Sharon's
brother in town for the weekend we wanted to try something new for breakfast
this weekend.

I scoured the "best of" lists around town, and found some of
old favorites, Java Jive, Docuer de France and Radial, but nothing new. Having
now been introduced to the dark world of Blogs however I sought to mine this
new territory. Lo and Behold through a fellow blogger's site I stumbled
upon a menu that sounded too good to be true. The entrees had all the
sophistication of a Muss and Turners with beautiful sounding combinations of
shaved red onions, Hook-Cheddar cheese on brioche or brined capers, shaved
red onions with cream cheese, but this was a breakfast menu!

We found this
little neighborhood shop at the intersection of a light industrial and
residential neighborhood in Kirkwood. The small seating area in front has a
full view of the elevated MARTA line that runs between College and Dekalb
avenues. We would have enjoyed the outdoor seating, but we are not the
first to discover this gem in the rough.

Sun in My Belly

has been around for almost three years, according to
our host, but is just now turning the corner. The mission of the founder
and chef is to produce beautiful food along a nature theme.

True to this theme the French Toast was gorgeous!

Placed crust up on the plate the
challah is split in the middle with a generous dollop of ricotta cream
cheese accented by a sprig of mint and a mound of fresh blueberries,
strawberries and blackberries. Not too rich or sweet this was voted best
entree at our table. Sharon's Omelet of the day with cilantro, jalapeƱo and
shrimp and was so full of cilantro flavor we thought they must use a
different variety of cilantro than we use. The shrimp was fresh enough to
still pop with each bite. This entree was a close second. Even the
plain-jane Kirwood breakfast with softly scrambled eggs with herbed boursin
cheese and honey glazed bacon and buttermilk biscuit did not disappoint.

The service was warm and prompt and the waitress' name easy to remember

Check out the lunch and dinner menu! Looks like we'll be back soon!


Chris said...

Yum! I can't wait to tell Shim about it, then we can go! :)

Sharona said...

Cool, maybe we can all go one Sunday when they play Jazz.