Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cooking with My Brother


My brother Kevin was in town for the holiday weekend.

We were getting ready to go to a BBQ Party when he said that he had an easy appetizer he wanted to bring.

So, we headed off to the store to purchase the ingredients ( so I thought).

We all went different ways at the store having individual items we wanted to purchase.

Kevin found me and my husband in the card isle and decided that we need to have a "family meeting" or " lesson" if you will.

Apparently the item he was looking for was not in the usual place.

You see there are many "bean" products at the grocery store but what he was looking for was refried black beans.

Curiously enough not by the other refried beans that you typically find near the ethnic foods items. They were found though and he wanted to share the experience with us by walking us through the process he had just completed. It was a lesson that will be remembered!

It was not unitl we were at the check out line that I realized he only had two bags of tortilla chips and two cans of refried black beans in his hands.

HMM - maybe he thinks I have the other ingredients for his appetizer at home.

Here is a very blurry picture ( to protect the innocent) of my brother's appetizer.

This is one of the easiest appetizers you will ever make according to my brother.

After purchasing one can of black refried beans and the tortilla chips of your choice all you need to do is:

1. Refrigerate the beans ( you can even leave them in the can)

2. Then when ready to serve take the beans out and put them on a plate or bowl.

3. Open the chips and dip them into the beans.

4. MMMmmmm, it is good.

Well, that's what he says anyway!

I don't know that this will be something I make any time soon

but I did enjoy cooking with my brother.

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Anonymous said...

I am from Miami and I just made this refried black bean thing. I was the hit of the party. Your brother is very intelligent!