Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Great Salsa Competition

I was getting ready to make Salsa with all the vegetables we purchased at the Farmers Market when I asked my husband what he likes in his salsa. He told me he likes lots of peppers, onions and tomatoes. He also said he likes his salsa really spicy.

HMM, that is not at all what I was thinking..... because I like my salsa with thick chucks of tomatoes, cucumber, cilantro and lime and not that spicy. So, with these two very different opinions on how we wanted our salsa to taste we decided to have a "Salsa Competition".

We played "salsa" music while working individually on our homemade salsa from different sides of the kitchen trying to hide secret ingredients from each other.
The result of our two hour salsa competition - two totally different looking and tasting salsas. The problem - we were missing an unbiased judge.

Later that evening our friend Cheri stopped by on a walk. Little did she know that she would be the one to determine the WINNER of our Salsa Competition. After laughing at our request, she agreed to be our judge. She said that both salsa were full of flavor! The one on the left had a strong tomato, pepper taste. It also had a little kick to it. The one on the right had a cucumber, tomato flavor. It had a lighter, sweeter taste to it.

So, you might be asking - who won?

The WINNER - The one on the right - me!!!!!!

Now, with all that said I am sad to tell you that we don't have a recipe for either salsa. I say, when making salsa, add the vegetables you like and then flavor slowly while tasting frequently.

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