Friday, May 11, 2007

Migratory Musings

BIRD food. That's right this is a blog with double vision. Its been a great year so far as I’ve seen 6 life birds this year already! My recent job change puts me within a mile of the Georgia Birding Mecca, Kennesaw Mountain. Four new warblers this year were added to my life list;
Cerulean, Cape May, Pine and Ovenbird; all seen at Kennesaw.

I also saw a White Pelican for the first time with my brother in Illinois in April.

Though the best of the season is over there are still some great migrant birds to be seen. I saw a Grey Cheeked Thrush yesterday; a life bird for me. I’ll be back at Kennesaw Mountain again tomorrow to see if can get another eyeful of this guy.

It’s pretty rare for this bird to be seen in this area of the country even during migration.
The “Ovenbird” better be careful or he could end up in wrong part of this Blog!

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Chris said...

Great Post Jim! Who knew we had so many great birds. You know, now that your hobby is may be recruited to speak in some classroom somewhere...the little ones will LOVE it!