Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Amazing Friend

I really like a friend, I really like a friend who:

shows up at your door in the morning with a

Sacher Torte!!!!

Seriously, my friend C, is an amazing cook and a super, fantastic baker.
She is also the most thoughtful person.
And the author of http://www.melecotte.blogspot.com/ (check out her blog)!

She really did show up at my door early this morning with this beautiful torte!
I haven't sliced it yet. I will let you know when I do!

Thank you C, you are the best!!!


Dale said...

I also really like a friend who:
shows up at your office in the morning with special sweet treats (chocolate and berries, mmmmm!).

Its good to have friends like this. Also, the blueberries look great.

Dale said...

OK, what a great friend! I do know what it means to have such a good friend who brings you sweet treats as I received a visit as well. Yes, they were wonderful!

Have a great holiday!


Sharona said...

It is so nice to be the receiver of such delightful treats. The real question is did she text message you asking if you were there, while standing outside your front door - that seems to be her modus operandi!

Chris said...

Ok...you're all talking about me! Ha! Ha!

Sharona said...

Only because we like you alot!

Chris said...

I have tagged you - if that's okay! Head over to my blog for details. Thanks!