Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chorizo Sausage and Peppers MMM, MMM Good!

I have not blogged in a few days. Work this past week was filled of long, exhausting, fun days. I came home each night sooooo tired and I really did not feel like cooking. I think I ate toast one night for dinner and a baked sweet potato the next night. Normally this would not be that big of a deal but I really needed to cook because my refrigerator is full of food from the market.

This morning I woke up ready to make something a little more appetizing than the dinners I have been eating. So, we started our day with .........................

Chorizo Sausage, Peppers , Onions and Cheese on a roll.

In a large frying pan I sauted a yellow onion, one green pepper and one red pepper in a little vegetable oil. To the vegetables I added a little salt and pepper.

Once the vegetables were tender I added the Chorizo Sausage ( whole) to the mix and cooked until the outside of the sausage was lightly browned.

After the sausage was lightley browned I removed it from the pan and sliced it.

Then back into the pan for just a minute or two.
I served the Sausage, Onion and Peppers on a roll with a little bit of spicy mustard and some grated cheddar cheese.
My husband wanted a little scrammbled eggs mixed in with his so that is the yellow that you see in the picture below.

I know it looks a little messy but it was definately worth it - MMM, MMM Good!

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Chris said...

This looks so, so tasty! I remember eating similar "hero" sandwiches after nights of clubbing in Boston...yumm! Oh - the memories...