Saturday, July 7, 2007

I have been tagged, by Chris to post 8 random facts.

First, before the post, you must know the rules: (1) Each participant posts eight random facts about themselves. (2) Tagees should write a blogpost of eight random facts about themselves. (3) At the end of the post, eight more bloggers are tagged. Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

8 Random Facts About me:

1. My husband and I moved to Georgia in August of 1993. I was recruited by a small private school to teach third grade. Little did I know that we would be living in Senoia, Georgia. Ever heard of it? Probably not! We lived in a double wide trailer that was situated in the middle of a cow pasture. There was no 911 service where we lived and the road we lived on kept changing names . It was a very interesting first year in Georgia !

2. In August of 1993 after graduating from college my husband I were married in CT. We will be celebrating our 14th year of marriage this summer. When visiting my home in CT one year we pulled out my wedding dress - just to look at and stroll down memory lane. You see there is no way I will ever fit back in my wedding dress. . . . because I weighed 88 lbs when I got married.

3. I enjoy cooking especially any type of pasta. I think this was on to me by my Grandma Rose. As I child, my sister and I would go to her house for the weekend. The weekend usually consisted of swimming at the pool, playing cards and making home-made pasta and sauce. My Grandma also taught us how to make chocolate eclairs and cream puffs - mmmm good!

4. My husband and I are co-founders of a non-profit organization called Running Mates. Once a quarter we host "Dinner and a Movie Date Night" for about 60-80 couples. It is a great opportunity for couples to go out on a date and spend time together. Each movie brings a different theme that can be applied to marriages. We want couples to live, love and laugh together.

5. My favorite vacation was our trip to Costa Rica. It is amazing! We stayed at an amazing hotel called Costa Verde. The sites were incredible and the food was excellent. We enjoyed hiking, bird watching, and visiting Manuel Antonio Park which is one of Costa Rica's best known and most often visited parks.

6. OPPS!! One year, ( I was in grade school) while on vacation with my family I had a little accident. My sister and I were painting pictures when my grandma decided to bring us a snack. I had a few cookies and several gulps of my drink. All of a sudden I could not breathe very well. I had accidentally picked up the wrong paper cup. I swallowed paint thinner. Long story short I was rushed to the hospital - where I was put through some NOT SO FUN tests and spent a few days recovering. To this day when I smell paint thinner I feel a little sick.

7. I enjoy time with friends. We are blessed to have a lot of friends. Each of them special and unique. Our weekends are usually spent going out or just hanging out with friends.

8. Any thing that moves - Anyone who knows me knows that I get car sick but unfortunately that is not the extent of my illness. More recently I have come to realize that I basically get motion sickness anytime I am in anything that moves! Yup - that means cars, boats, airplanes, motorcycles, .... basically any mode of transportation . I wish it were not true but there does not seem to be much I can do about it. I have found Dramamine to be helpful but that is about it.

Ok, that is enough about me.
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Chris said...

You and my mom should talk about wedding dressing - she can't fit in hers either - scary thing? Its way too big. Go figure!

And, Running Mates? If I can find someone to me a couple with...I am all over it. he he!

I should have told you to add #9 - you and Jim are so, so great...and funny!! (not such good pickers of mystery melons...but love ya anyway.) :)

Sharona said...

Opps, sorry was it to grow with each person?

ley said...

You're the first person to ever tag me! :D Thank you!

Wait...was I supposed to do more than eight?

Brilynn said...

Hey- thanks for the tag, but I did this one recently and I don't think the world's ready for 8 more things about me! :)