Friday, July 13, 2007

Red Watermelon, Yellow Watermelon

I think I told you in a previous post that my friend and I joined a CSA. So every Wednesday we pick up our produce. It is always fun to unpack the brown bag full of fresh fruits and vegebles and "see" what we got!

This week on the outside of the brown bag there was a little note that said "watermelon" is included. I prepared to pick up a heavy bag so you can imagine my surprise when I bent down to pick up the bag and it was very light. Watermelon? they must have forgot to include one in my bag! So of course I dug through the bag ready to be disappointed that there was not a watermelon but I was wrong. There was a watermelon, a baby watermelon!

All the vegetables and fruit were put away. The watermelon made its way to the refrigerator not be looked at for few days. Then I came home the last night and when I reached into the packed refrig. to grab something to eat the watermelon went KURSPLAT all over the floor.

Just when I was about to just yell, I looked down and thought HMMM Cool!

The watermelon split into three pieces and it was YELLOW inside.


I have never eaten a yellow watermelon .

After I cleaned up the floor, I cut off the top of each piece ( in case it hit the floor making it dirty) and then sliced the watermelon into small pieces.

Although it was very juicy and delicious, I did not find the flavor to be that different than red watermelon but the COLOR was definately fun to see.


Chris said...

I didn't know that watermelon was anything but red! Cool!

Sheri said...

I just tried yellow watermelon today too. Found it at the Farmer's Market. I found it to taste subtly different and a little sweeter. Good and pretty.