Monday, September 17, 2007

Not just Coffee

My husband loves to drink coffee. He swings by Starbucks on a regular basis or his new favorite Rev Coffee House. He likes strong coffee with a little bit of cream. Now, I on the other hand don't care for plain coffee. I like all those other fancy, coffee drinks like iced coffee, lattes and frappuccinos but they seem so expensive.

This weekend I figured it could not be that hard to make a Frappuccino. I took out my blender and started on my mission to make a fancy, coffee drink. First, I had to make some coffee . Then cool it. Into the blender went coffee, ice, heavy cream, chocolate extract, and a little sweet and low. Turn on high and mix.

Here is what I made!

Topped with a little whip cream and chocolate shavings -

now that is the way to drink coffee!!


Chris said...

Administrator by day...Barista by night...who knew? :)

dX-XeL said...


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