Saturday, September 22, 2007

Potato Chips

The other night I was getting ready to make dinner and I had selected my main item but I could not find a side dish I wanted to make. I kept coming back the bag of red potatoes. Mashed, baked, hash - nope - how about potato chips.
Making potato chips turned out to be easier than I originally thought.

Potato Chips

First, start by cleaning the potatoes.

Thinly slice the potatoes.
Heat vegetable oil.

The oil should be deep enough so that the potatoes can move around freely.

Gently drop the chips in one at a time, leaving room for them to move around.

Take them out when they are the light brown color you desire.

Drain them on paper towels.

It is a good idea to go ahead and salt them now while they still have a little oil on them.

You can really spice them any way you want.

Some people add garlic powder, paprika, or onion salt.

Yum, warm and crispy chips!

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JANET said...

I make potato chips like this sometimes. We like to add minced onion to the potatoes shortly before they are done.